Unit Test III ans key and statistics (1)

Unit Test III ans key and statistics (1) - Unit III exam...

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Unit III exam answer key MCQ: 1) A 2) D 3) B 4) B 5) B 6) C 7) A 8) C 9) D 10) D 11) D 12) A 13) E 14) C 15) B 16) B 17) B 18) C 19) C 20) B 21) E 22) D 23) D 24) A 25) E T/F: 1) F 2) T 3) F 4) F 5) T 6) T 7) F 8) F 9) F 10) T Match A and B: 1) e 2) h 3) i 4) g 5) j 6) f 7) b 8) d 9) a 10) c Short Questions: 1) The Hardy-Weinberg model assumes the population to be ideal ; when it is 1) a large, 2) randomly mating population that is not affected by 3) migration , 4) mutation or 5) natural selection . When the population meets these criteria, then the HW model can make 2 predictions; A) the allelic frequencies of a population do not change B) the genotype frequencies will not change after the first generation. If a locus may be occupied by either of two alleles A or a, then after one generation of random mating, the frequencies of the resulting genotypes AA, Aa and aa in the population can be represented as p 2 + 2pq + q2 = 1 , where p = frequency of A and q = frequency of a.
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Therefore; (p + q)2 = 1 or p + q = 1 2) Genetic drift is defined as a random fluctuation in allele frequencies. It can arise in three different ways; A) by chance, B) founder effect, C) genetic bottleneck If the population size is too small, by chance alone individual alleles may be over or under expressed, resulting in random changes in gene frequency from generation to generation. Even in this process, one allele may disappear while the other gets fixed. Genetic drift can also arise from founder effect that is when the population originates from a small #of founders. Genetic drift can also be induced by genetic bottleneck, when a large population undergoes a sudden and drastic but temporary reduction in number. 3)
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Unit Test III ans key and statistics (1) - Unit III exam...

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