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College of Business Administration Florida International University ASSURANCE OF LEARNING SURVEY FINANCE MAJOR This survey is intended to facilitate the construction of a multiple-choice exam capable of assessing the extent to which students have mastered the learning objectives of the Finance major. As you know, this assessment is critical to the CBA’s AACSB re- accreditation process. The multiple-choice questions listed here were recently contributed by faculty members in your department (you probably contributed some of them). The FIRST choice is always the CORRECT answer. For each question, we are asking you to (1) choose the most relevant learning objective and, (2) estimate the percentage of students that, upon graduation and regardless of the electives they took, should correctly answer the question for you to be satisfied with the average level of student performance. Please remember that your department will decide the final content of this exam, and that the information gathered here will be used to facilitate such a decision. Next, we are listing the learning objectives of the finance major so that you can assign each question to one of them. If you believe that a question is related to more than one objective, please choose the most relevant one. If you believe that a question contains an error, for instance that there is more than one correct answer or that the correct answer is not the first choice, please handwrite the necessary correction in blue or red ink. Learning Objective Learning Objective Description 1 Identify the functions of financial markets and institutions and examine their impact on the level of interest rates and interest rate differentials. 2 Investigate advanced time value of money concepts and extend these concepts to mortgage mathematics, commercial mathematics, and capital budgeting. 3 Explore the international integration of financial markets and analyze implications for financial managers. 4 Examine the nature of the commercial banking business and ascertain the measures of bank return and risk performance and how they are applied to bank valuation decisions and management performance assessment. 5 Identify and analyze derivative instruments and strategies used by investors and corporations to hedge financial risks. Emphasis will be placed on identification of financial risk and designing optimal risk management strategies. 6 Determine and analyze the appropriate measures of risk and return for various financial instruments, understand the mechanics and regulation of financial securities exchanges and determine how the value of stocks, bonds and other securities are calculated. If you have questions, please contact either Dana Farrow , Andrea Roofe or Juan I. Sanchez . Thank you for your help.
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Your name ____________________________ Today’s date ___________ Question 1 Which of the following variables in the Black-Scholes option pricing model is the most difficult to
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FINANCE_final_v3_order_checked - College of Business...

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