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Capstone - Do you think it is necessary for a person in...

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Do you think it is necessary for a person in your field of study to learn psychology and neuroscience? Explain your answer. In my case, I am in the insurance industry and I believe that this class is definitely a necessity. I deal with clients and co-workers on a daily basis that are in need of something. Learning to understand their behavior is important to the success of my job. Psychology and neuroscience will help me to not only have a better understanding of those I deal with, but of myself as well. Because life in general is influenced by biological, psychological, and social factors, I feel that it would benefit everyone. Psychology is especially beneficial for anyone in the business world because it gives them a better understanding of the people they work with and any disorder that may be affecting their behavior. Many times, we may speak too or see someone and wonder why he or she is behaving in a certain manner. Other times we may
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