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Unformatted text preview: BEH 225 Week 7 DQ 1 There are two positive aspects in my life in which I feel very strongly about: honesty and hypocrisy. When it comes to honesty, I believe in being honest at all times. I am the type of person who says what I am thinking and that does not always make people happy. I have tried to teach my children to tell the truth, even if the truth is bad news, because lying only gets you into more trouble. Honesty is the foundation on which a person builds his/her life. It is the most important element in any relationship, whether it is a personal relationship, a friend, or work relationship. An honest person may not always be liked for speaking the truth and possibly hurting feelings, but people neither trust nor like dishonest people. When I think of hypocrisy I believe it goes hand-in-hand with honesty. I refuse to deal with hypocrisy in my daily life, because it is a waste of valuable time. I do not like to be hypocritical and refuse to do it; if I do not like a person or a person does not like me I do not even attempt to...
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