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Week 7 DQ 2 - will about people who believe that God is the...

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Earlier in the course we discussed how someone’s inherent traits—such as race, gender, and ethnicity—affect behavior. This week, discuss how sociological factors affect a person’s behavior. What sociological factors do you believe affect your behavior the most? I would have to say that my family, community, and God have had the largest impact on my behavior. I grew up in a two parent family where God and family were considered to be the central part of our lives. My father and mother instilled in my from a young age that family is the most important group of people you will ever be connected to. Without family, who love and support you regardless of your faults and failures, your chances of remaining grounded are almost impossible. I was taught that ones life should be rooted in the knowledge of the Bible. For within it, you find guidance on everything from relationships, to love, respect, honor, a moral compass, and an understanding of how we are to treat those within our community. Say what you
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Unformatted text preview: will about people who believe that God is the center of the universe, but I know that this understanding from such a young age has allowed me to overcome many obstacles throughout my life. I did not have a rough childhood, but I did make my life more difficult than it needed to be because I went away from what was instilled in my heart and mind as a young child. I tried drugs, I had a problem with alcohol for a time, but my family was always there for me. The continued to show their love and respect for me, even though they did not approve of nor quite understand why I was doing the things I did. With their help, I was able to get my life back on course and I am stronger for it. I know and understand the things my children are and will be going through as they grow up. I will continue to instill in them the same things my parents taught me because I see that they were right....
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