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Personality Assessment & Theories

Personality Assessment & Theories - After taking...

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After taking the two tests, I have concluded that both tests are quite different. While the Tickle’s Original Inkblot test is a projective one, the Jung Personality test is objective. The Jung Personality test does seem to be more accurate. The intention of the inkblot test is for you to look at a picture and say the first thing that comes to mind. The problem with this type of test is that you may see something different each time you look at the picture. I personally do not think this type of test is as accurate as the personality test. The personality test gives you the chance to provide answers to multiple-choice questions and if the answers are truthful, you will get an accurate result. I took the test several times with the same result. In taking the Jung personality test, I tried to give a truthful picture of myself, so the result would be as accurate as possible. The inkblot test appears to be less precise due to its vague and abstract pictures.
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