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Think about the last time you attended a lecture or were in a classroom. Applying the information processing model, why did some things make it into your short-term memory and some things into your long-term memory? How can knowing this process increase your learning potential? How would you reduce the likelihood of forgetting important information? The information processing model hypothesizes that ‘we process information much like a computer stores and retrieves data’. (Massaro & Cowan, 1993) The way the mind processes, codes, stores and recalls information is useful in helping us to understand the best methods for utilizing the information we receive. Recently, I attended a meeting at work that is called a ‘town-hall meeting’ where various news items affecting the company are shared by members of management. During these meetings, we are given a large amount of data and are allowed to ask questions about what we have heard. I was able to retain most of the information that was given closer to the end of the meeting and some
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