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Daniel Kelleher Intro to Physical Education Lesson Plan 10/15/10 Physical Education Lesson Plan Basic Information Student Teacher Name : Mr. Kelleher Date Taught : 10/21/10 School Name : Newark Center for Creative learning Class Size : 8-9 students and 5-6 HPE adults Grade Level : K-1 st grade Time of class : 11:00- 12:15 Teaching Location : CBS Gym 2 Lesson Focus : After vigorous physical activity, instruct a cool-down period of a more gentle activity helps the heart and body to return to its normal resting state. Slow-moving activities and stretches will help normalize the blood flow to the muscles and improve flexibility. Use a cool- down called wind stormed in which sstudents will sway in the wind with their arms and legs moving freely. I will start with a high wind and slow down the wind to a breeze. I will model the different types of wind and illustrate the appropriate movement and then eventually have the students lay down and rest. Developmental Characteristics of Students for planned lesson: Physical Growth and Developmental – Height and weight gains moderate and steady, Heart and Breathing rates relatively High, Steady growth in strength and muscular endurance and both sexes maintain a high level of flexibility. Motor Skill Development
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Lesson Plan - Daniel Kelleher Lesson Plan Intro to Physical...

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