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Daniel Kelleher September 12, 2010 Intro to Physical Education Bibik, Janice #1 Values on Personal Values Quiz Active energetic lifestyle, Advancement, Creativity, Community, Contact with people, Competition, Enjoyment, Expertness, Flexibility, Friendship, Health, Humor, Intellectual Stimulation, Security, Loyalty, Leadership, Leisure, Prestige I believe an active energetic lifestyle, advancement, creativity community, contact with people, competition, enjoyment, expertness, flexibility, friendship, health, loyalty, leadership, and leisure are all important to have as a teacher. An active energetic lifestyle is important because a teacher must lead by example and physically show students the benefits of being actively fit. Advancement is important because a teacher should not become complacent and should always be striving to do better as a teacher. Creativity is important because a teacher has to create interesting lesson plans to keep students involved and must be able to adapt on the fly. Community is important because a teacher must have some communications with a child’s
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