Goodwin Violence in schools

Goodwin Violence in schools - teacher could try to reach...

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Daniel Kelleher December 4, 2011 Dr. Goodwin Violence in the schools A teacher could have done many different things to help prevent this tragic event from occurring. For one, a teacher could have stood up against the boys by meeting with principal and demanding that the school take serious action against the boys for bullying. And if action was not taken due the student’s social standing, then the teacher could have contacted people higher up in the education system. But if people continued to ignore your concerns, then the teacher could have contacted police about the bullying occurring. A teacher could have also contacted the parents of the football players who were bullying the girl and inform them of how disrespectful their sons are acting. And the teacher could set up a meeting with the parents and their son to discuss the acts of bullying being performed on the girl. Also, the teacher should have contacted the parents’ of the girl to let them know how their daughter is being bullied and mistreated. The
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Unformatted text preview: teacher could try to reach out to these football players and try to convince them that the way they behave is not appropriate. And the teacher should give the students a hand written lists of rules and consequences, so that they realize they will be penalized for misbehaving. And that they cannot continue to get away with bullying without sever repercussions. Our responsibility as a teacher and coach is to protect our students and players from others and themselves. As a teacher, it is our responsibility to not sit back and watch tragedies happen. But to intervene in important situations and to stand up for those students who cannot defend themselves. Teachers should have defended the young victim because she did not have to mental ability to protect herself from her attackers. Also the coach of the football team should have taught the attackers on the football team to treat women with respect and to be mature young men....
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