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Daniel Kelleher Outline 11/30/11 I) Introduction to Stress A) Bell Ringer 1) Have students identify their most common stressors by having them put X’s on the box that has a certain stressor in it. B) sub-topic (Segal’s Five Causes) 1) content (Demandness) 2) content, etc. (Judgementalness.) 3) content, etc. (Awfulizing) 4) content, etc. (Vulnerability) C) sub-topic, etc. (Common Stressors)
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Unformatted text preview: 1) content (Confrontations) 2) content, etc. (Accidents) 3) content, etc. (Substance abuse) 4) content, etc. (Tests) 5) content, etc. (Appearance) 6) content, etc. (Relationships) 7) content, etc. (Finances) 8) content, etc. (Job search) 9) content, etc. (Change) 10) content, etc. (Illness/Injury) D) Activity (Have students act out each ) E) Assessment...
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