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“I Learned” summary I learned over the course of this project that eating healthy and exercise is the only way to live a positive and productive life. I’ve learned through this unit that eating three meals a day is very important in order get the body to function well and properly. I also learned that it is not enough to just eat healthy foods, but one must also workout and exercise regularly in order to stay healthy. It is also true that it is recommended to work out for at least 30 minutes strenuously each day in order to be living a healthy lifestyle. I also learned that vegetables and fruits contain important vitamins and minerals that promote health and fight disease. An unknown fact that I had never known is the not all vegetables and fruits are nutritionally the same and that some are
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Unformatted text preview: better than others in terms of nutrition. I have also learned that there are healthy and unhealthy choices at each fast food restaurant. I also have become aware that if I were forced to go to a fast food restaurant, I would go to McDonalds because they have the widest variety and most healthy choices of all fast food restaurants. Ive also become aware of how much sodium is in fast food products and how bad sodium is for ones health. I was also was unaware that everyone has a different Heart Rate and that athletes usually have lower resting heart rates than most people. I also did not know that some common cardiovascular diseases that result from an unhealthy diet include heart disease and cancer....
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