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Daniel Kelleher October 15, 2011 Dr. Goodwin Self-esteem Essay Self-esteem is defined as the value we place on what we believe to be true about ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. Having high self-esteem is an essential part of a healthy person’s character and can influence all aspects of their life. It’s quite evident the importance of promoting good self-esteem in young students because of the positive characteristics that comes with having high self-esteem. Developing positive self-esteem in students is an important responsibility for all adults who interact with them, but especially for those who contribute daily to their development and growth as youths. A young student’s self-esteem is very fragile and largely based on their perceptions of how the important adults in their lives judge them. Teachers are in position to influence many young students’ self-esteems and therefore must do their best to instill confidence and build positive self-esteem. Positive self-esteem enables students to develop a positive attitude and improve
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