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Kelleher Daniel Kelleher Mrs. Williams English 110, Section 30 March 24, 2011 How does Fast Food Affect One’s Health? Drive down any street located in any city across the country and you’ll see dozens of Fast Food Restaurants serving millions of costumers each day. Or one could turn on the Television for only just a few minutes before they are bombarded by multiple Fast Food Restaurant advertisements and commercials. In the last few years, Fast Food Restaurants have been sprouting up at an alarming rate all over the World and don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Some franchises even have multiple restaurants within a few blocks of each other, but are still able to produce high end profits due to the average Americans obsession with the convenient, affordable, and delectable taste of fast food. Today, Fast Food Restaurants dominate the food industry and have become a staple in the average American’s daily diet. Although I was conscious that Fast Food Restaurants were serving hundreds of millions of customers each day, I was largely unaware of the ingredients in their food. For this research paper, I decided to pursue the question; how does fast food affect one’s health? This question deserves to be analyzed because a greater number of people need to be informed about the relationship between Fast Food and their health. I suspect that fast food can greatly alter one’s diet and overall health. Before focusing on the impact that Fast Food has on people’s health, I had to research more about the food products and ingredients on the menu served at the largest Fast Food Corporation in the world McDonalds. The Big Mac has 2Chains in the world. The number 1.Throughout my entire life, I have always been a very active and healthy person. I have always
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Kelleher prided myself on being in good shape and having a nice physique. But during this past summer, my overall physique and health dramatically changed for a worse. I noticed myself having shortness of breath quickly when running and less energy during the day. I wondered to myself why this was happening and the only thing I could realize is that my diet had changed vastly. I was primarily eating fast food once and sometimes twice a day due to a change in my family’s eating habits. These negative effects of eating fast food on my health truly sparked my interest in the topic should we blame fast food restaurants for an increase in obesity in America or is it individual’s responsibility? In today’s society one cannot walk down a public street without passing by a fast food
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Reseacch Paper - Kelleher Daniel Kelleher Mrs Williams...

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