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Author Shelly Smith - Daniel Kelleher Ms. Williams English...

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Daniel Kelleher Ms. Williams English 110, section 30 February 15, 2011 Author Shelly Smith’s article, “Beyond games, gadgets, and gimmicks” focuses on emphasizing the importance of inspiring physical educators to reflect upon their individual teachings and to explore ways to implement differentiation strategies in physical education. The author supports this assertion by using a combination of imaginary scenarios, comparisons to other teaching styles, and knowledge of physical education. Smith jumps right into the article by painting an imaginary scenario in which a physical educator uses differentiation to teach a group of elementary students. The skillful teacher’s lesson plan and execution is perfect and the class went as well as imaginable. Each student performed of all the tasks and was able to express comprehension of what they had learned in class. Smith uses this scenario to encourage and persuade physical educators that if they were to use differentiation in their gymnasiums that there classes could be just as successful. The body of the article focuses on explaining the ideal definition of differentiation and
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Author Shelly Smith - Daniel Kelleher Ms. Williams English...

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