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Daniel Kelleher 11/3/10 Personal Health Professor Edwards If I would have been able to vote for a candidate during this year’s Delaware election, I would have voted for Democratic Representative Chris Coons. I would vote for Chris Coons because of his stances on improving education and belief that every student should have the opportunity to receive a quality public education that offers support and training for the jobs of tomorrow. I believe in his promise to fix the failures of No Child Left Behind while still upholding the goal of providing a quality education to every child. I also firmly stand by his support and expansion of programs that provide all Americans the opportunity to attend college. Another reason I would vote for Chris Coons is his stances on renewable energy and resources.
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Unformatted text preview: Chris wants to encourage other innovative programs like wind farming just off the shore of Delaware. He also is calling for a nationwide cap and trade program that will help establish a price on carbon and unleash the creativity of American ingenuity to help solve this crisis. Also I agree with Chris Coon’s stance on finding new solutions that help companies create new jobs. He will focus on four areas of job creation: restoring our innovative economy, assisting small businesses, growing our green economy, and rebuilding a viable manufacturing sector. Because of his genuine personality and stances on all of these matters, I would have voted for Chris Coons. I feel he is the best candidate for the job and would do Delaware proud....
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