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Group Presentation Reflection - Presentation Reflection...

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Presentation Reflection Daniel Kelleher As a whole, I felt that my group presentation went fairly well. I believe we had great information on stress management. We worked well as a group by establishing goals and meeting on numerous occasions outside of class to work on the presentation. My group mates and I always worked from each other’s’ ideas. We were able to discuss effectively about ideas and give each other valuable feedback throughout the entire process. We communicated regularly with one another daily through emails or texts and discussed how we were going to effectively work on the presentation. Also my group sent all of work we completed individually to each other to have it revised and we were all very open to constructive criticism. I also felt that my group was extremely well organized throughout the entire projects process and was able to complete everything ahead of time. I feel our preparedness made it easy for everyone in my group to not feel overwhelmed and gave us extra time to put into our Power
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Group Presentation Reflection - Presentation Reflection...

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