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PE Resource File Assignment - Daniel Kelleher Dr. Scrabis...

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Daniel Kelleher Dr. Scrabis -Fletcher Fundamental Skills Analysis April 13, 2011 PE Resource File Assignment Three Websites 1. Teach pe . (2011). Retrieved from Offers a wide variety of different lesson plans and activities to use when teaching physical education. 2. Pe universe . (2011). Retrieved from Offers numerous Physical Education activities that can help teach students different skills in a variety of sports. 3. Physical education update . (2010). Retrieved from Offers many tips to help Physical Education teachers improve sport technique, keep classes fun, jazz up lesson plans, get kids fit. Four Instruction Books 1. Hirt, M. (2008). Maximum middle school physical education . Human Kinetics Publisher. Maximum Middle School Physical Education offers a mix of student-centered activities and lesson plans that help students in growth, physical skills, and knowledge development. 2. Landy, J, & Landy, M. (1992). Ready-to-use p. e. activities for grades k-2 (ready-to-use physical education activities) . Prentice Hall Trade. The instruction book provides more than 1,600 activities that can help to improve physical fitness, promote sportsmanship, develop social skills, and build self-esteem.
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3. Mohnsen, B. (2008). Teaching middle school physical education - 3rd edition: a standards-based approach for grades 5-8 . Human Kinetics. Teaching Middle School Physical Education provides information for developing an
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PE Resource File Assignment - Daniel Kelleher Dr. Scrabis...

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