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REFLECTION FOR CATCHING - by some of the students which...

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Daniel Kelleher Dr. Scrabis -Fletcher Fundamental Skills Analysis May 10, 2011 I reflect that the catching and throwing lesson went okay, but was not my best teaching lesson so far. I do believe the students enjoyed the lesson, but the group of students consisted mostly of girls and they did seem harder to get enthusiastic about the activities. I feel that if I could have taught this group again, I would have incorporated music so that the group would have had more fun and been more involved in the activities. I would not have made any major changes to the planning of the lesson, but a minor problem that occurred was that an individual girl student had some confusion about what to do during the activity. I handled this situation by taking the time to address any questions that the student had and by showing another demonstration of the activity. Another problem was a lack of proper athletic shoes being worn
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Unformatted text preview: by some of the students, which caused a safety issue. I felt that the lesson was well planned and the transitions from different activities went smoothly. I also felt that I’m improving on pinpointing and encouraging students. During my activity and other teachers activity’s I was giving students praise for performing the correct cues. I also learned the names of all my students and addressed them by their names during the lesson. . I felt that I have continued to do a good job of using stop and start signals and the countdown technique to make the students move quickly. I also feel that I’m doing a better job of stressing specific cues and that my students are retaining some of the cues and applying them during the games. Overall the lesson was good in completing its objective, but I realize that I need to keep improving on teaching each lesson....
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