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Daniel Kelleher Presentation Evaluations Topic - Phylogeny Speaker – Dr. Bruce Ketcham Appearance - Tan cargo shirt tucked into blue jeans. Energy/Enthusiasm - Very energetic and enthusiastic when speaking to the audience. Voice, clarify, fillers, and intonation – Uses umm and ugh almost every other sentence as filler. Confidence – Seems very confident about topic, but seem to avoid eye contact with audience. Equipment Prepared – PowerPoint ran smoothly and everything was preparted. Effective use of time – Went off topic sometimes but was always talking and even continued to talk after people were leaving. Convey topic clearly, stated objective clear – Topic and objective were not very well defined. Speaker went off topic and the only reoccurring topic was something about animals. Maintain group interest – The audience paid attention during the entire presentation and the speaker made every audience member work with a partner while he was speaking. Questioning Techniques effective
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