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Reflection for balancing lesson - of the time and being...

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Daniel Kelleher Dr. Scrabis -Fletcher Fundamental Skills Analysis April 13, 2011 I reflect that the balancing lesson was very successful and was my best teaching experience so far. I would not have made any drastic changes to the lesson, but a few minor adjustments could have been made in order to make the students experience better. I felt that the lesson was very well planned and the transitions from different activities went very smoothly. I also thought that during my activity, the different stations allowed the students to practice and perform a variety of different balancing techniques. Another major advantage of having stations was that I was able to split the students up into very small groups so that they had a maximum of amount of participation and movement. A specific issue that occurred was the group’s mismanagement of time, which resulted in our final lesson being cut a little short due to a lack of time. This could be better corrected by having one group member be designated to keeping track
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Unformatted text preview: of the time and being aware of how much time we have left. This could have been avoided by wearing a watch and making sure some lessons don’t run to long. I also felt that I’m improving on pinpointing and encouraging students, but could still use work on deciding when it is the best time to stop and pinpoint a certain student. I did tell specific students that they were doing an awesome job and encourage them to keep their enthusiasm high. I also learned the names of five different students and addressed them by their names during the lesson, which I was a slight improvement over my previous teaching experience. I plan to improve on this by learning the names of all of the students during our next lesson. I felt I did a good job of using stop and start signals and the countdown technique to make the students move quickly. Overall the lesson went very well, but I realize that I need to keep improving on planning and executing each lesson....
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