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Daniel Kelleher Dr. Scrabis -Fletcher Fundamental Skills Analysis April 13, 2011 I reflect that teaching went fairly well, but a few adjustments could have been made in order to make the students experience better. I felt that the lesson and individual activities were very well planned and well set up. We had one specific issue in which music was going to be involved in two activities, but due to an outlet not working in the gym the music was unable to be used for one of the activities. We did check the music device on one outlet and it did work perfectly fine. But we decided to move it to another outlet because it was closer to where the activity was set up. The outlet did not work and disrupted the flow of the activity because it was based on the use of music. This could have been avoided by checking if the outlet worked before the lesson began and should have the moved the activity to other side of the gym, where the outlets did work. We were able to move the music player to a working outlet for the second
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Unformatted text preview: lesson, so that the children could enjoy the music. I also felt that I could have done a better job of pinpointing students who were doing a great job and following the cues of hopping and skipping. I did tell the specific students that they were doing great job, but I never stopped the activity to show to pinpoint the good cues a specific student was using. I also learned the names of four different students, which I felt was an improvement over any of my previous teaching experiences last semester. I hope to improve on this next time we teach by learning the names of all the students in my group and using their names more when addressing students. I felt I did a good job of using stop and start signals by using the phrase “freeze” when I wanted the students to abruptly stop the activity and listen to me. I also want to improve next time by using a countdown technique in order to make the students move quickly during transition periods....
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