Physical philosophy - Daniel Kelleher KFS Elementary...

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Daniel Kelleher KFS Elementary Education March 6, 2011 Teaching Philosophy An alarming amount of adults and children in the United States are currently obese and are having to deal with the medical problems associated with obesity. Obesity is a very serious epidemic that is increasing at an astronomical rate in the US and is directly related to an increase in heart disease, heart failure, and stroke. I feel that physical education has become underappreciated and undervalued in today’s education system and can be directly correlated to the decrease in physically active lifestyles. This is why I personally believe that physical education and health classes are essential in providing students the base for starting a physically active lifestyle and making activity an enjoyable experience. As a physical education teacher, I believe that it is my job to educate students, parents, colleagues, and anyone who is willing to listen about the great benefits of fitness and staying healthy. Physical educators have the unique opportunity to better children as a whole and to get
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Physical philosophy - Daniel Kelleher KFS Elementary...

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