Experiment4 - Experiment #4-Kinetics of Chemical Reaction:...

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Experiment #4-Kinetics of Chemical Reaction: Rates & Mechanisms Objective: Determine (1) the orders of reaction for each in a two component reacting system and (2) the activation energy and (3) study effect of a homogeneous catalyst on the system. Reaction: products bleach dye + Type of dye: (a) FD&C Red No. 40 food color (b) FD&C Blue No. 1 food color Color intensity determination: measure light absorbance at a wave length of 625 nm using a Spectrophotometer (Spec 20) Bleach solution: Commercial stock bleach with 6% NaOCl diluted to the specified levels using a compatible basic diluting base solution containing 2.5 x 10 -3 M [OH - ] Diluting base: Prepare by adding 1 drop of 1M NaOH solution per every 20 mL of DI water. Suggest making up 200 mL of the diluting base at the start. Experimental: Qualitative observation: Time for decolorizing red and blue color dye. Diluted Bleach: add 15 mL of stock bleach to 40 mL of diluting base (a) use a 50 mL beaker and add two drops of red dye, add 25 mL of diluted
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Experiment4 - Experiment #4-Kinetics of Chemical Reaction:...

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