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Week 6 DQ 1 - project is to be a success a consensus must...

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What are the three most important points you think a group of people must keep in mind when working collaboratively on a writing project? Why? Support your response with references to readings and personal experiences. When working in a collaborative team project, there are many things that must be taken into consideration if the project is to be considered a success. The first point to consider would have to be the dynamics of the team. In order to function as a cohesive unit, the strengths and weaknesses of each person must be understood. If the wrong personality type is tasked with a function they are uncomfortable with or unable to complete, the project could grind to a halt. The second point to consider is the direction of the project. In a writing project, it is understood that each member may not feel as strong about a topic as the next member. However, if the
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Unformatted text preview: project is to be a success, a consensus must be reached by the group on the direction or topic of the project. The pros and cons must be weighed out, different ideas discussed, and topics considered. After the discussion period, a consensus amongst team members will insure that all members work cohesively to see the project through to completion. The third point to consider would be conflict resolution, otherwise known as listening. In order for each member to feel their concerns are validated, they must be able to express them and know they have been heard. According to the reading, one way to keep people from shutting down is to actively listen as someone is speaking. This can be through verbal and non-verbal means. A nod of the head or a ‘ummhm’ indicates you are engaged in the conversation and are listening to their concern....
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