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Think about someone in your workplace you consider an effective communicator. What characteristics and communication style makes this person an effective communicator? One of the things that make this person as effective as they are would have to be their ability to connect with their audience. It seems as though this person can connect with any group of people, regardless of the age or the corporate status. Being able to communicate with varying groups of people is a key to communication. Not only does it allow for an easy exchange of ideas, but it also allows for quick decisions. By communicating up or down with ease, problems
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Unformatted text preview: can be resolved quickly without suffering the delays that come from having to work through the corporate ladder. Another key to his ease of communication is the ability to connect with people. After only a few short minutes around him, you can almost sense that people genuinely like him. His outgoing personality, along with his ease in communicating allows him to function throughout the entire company structure. Also, this same style is effective with his interaction with customers. Because he is really ‘likeable’ the customer is quickly put at ease and is open to suggestions. Openness allows for easy communication....
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