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a) For starting materials, it can use carbon skeletons derived from certain amino acids. b) It consists entirely of the reactions of glycolysis, operating in the reverse direction c) It employs the enzyme glucose 6-phosphatase d) It is one of the ways that mammals maintain normal blood glucose levels between meals. e) It requires metabolic energy (ATP or GTP). 2. Glycogen is converted to monosaccharide units by: a) glucokinase. b) glucose-6-phosphatase c) glycogen phosphorylase. d) glycogen synthase. e) glycogenase. 3. All of the bypass reactions used in gluconeogenesis a) require high-energy equivalents. b) involve the removal of phosphate groups. c) are irreversible. d) requires mitochondrial enzymes. e) are reversible. 4. Almost all of the oxygen (O 2 ) one consumes in breathing is converted to: a) acetyl-CoA. b) carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). c) carbon monoxide and then to carbon dioxide. d) none of the above. e) water . 5. In the reoxidation of QH 2 by purified ubiquinone-cytochrome c reductase (Complex III) from heart muscle, the overall stoichiometry of the reaction requires 2 mol of cytochrome c per mole of QH 2 because: a) cytochrome c is a one-electron acceptor, whereas QH 2 is a two-electron donor. b) cytochrome c is a two-electron acceptor, whereas QH 2 is a one-electron donor. c) cytochrome c is water soluble and operates between the inner and outer mitochondrialmembranes d) heart muscle has a high rate of oxidative metabolism, and therefore requires twice as much cytochrome c as QH 2 for electron transfer to proceed normally. e)
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midtermII_practice_ans - 1 Which one of the following...

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