Lecture 2 Outline

Lecture 2 Outline - BIOL 200(Section 921 Lecture 2 UNIT 2...

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BIOL 200 (Section 921) Lecture # 2 UNIT 2 June 16, 2009 UNIT 2: INFORMATIONAL MACROMOLECULES Reading for lecture 2 : Essential Cell Biology (ECB) 2 nd edition. Chap 2 pp 55-56, 58-64, 74- 75; Chap 4, pp. 119-143. Good questions: 4-3, 4-10G, 4-11, 4-14-15, 4-17. I. MACROMOLECULES [from lecture 1] II. NUCLEOTIDES, NUCLEIC ACID, DNA [FROM LECTURE 1] Main Points: Nucleotides are the monomers of nucleic acids; nucleic acids are polynucleotides joined by a condensation reaction that maintains a consistent structural polarity throughout the molecule. The information content of nucleic acids is provided by the sequence of nucleotides. DNA consists of two antiparallel strands with bases that interact via hydrogen bond formation and hydrophobic interactions . Base name nucleoside nucleoside+phosphate =nucleotides Adenine adenosine adenosine 5'mono/di/triphosphate, eg ATP Guanine guanosine Guanosine 5'mono/di/triphosphate Cytosine cytidine Cytidine 5'mono/di/triphosphate Thymine Thymidine Thymidine 5'mono/di/triphosphate Uracil uridine Uridine 5'mono/di/triphosphate Secondary structure is determined by the pattern of base pairing, either interstrand (DNA) or intrastrand (RNA). DNA is the genetic material , ie. DNA carries genetic information. Transformation experiments on page 173-174, Figs. 5-3; 5-4 (Griffith; Avery and co-workers, early 1940's). (A) Live mutant (non-virulent) bacteria ( Streptococcus pneumoniae ) + heat killed virulent bacteria = virulent bacteria causing pneumonia control : heat killed virulent bacteria alone do not cause pneumonia Conclusion:
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Lecture 2 Outline - BIOL 200(Section 921 Lecture 2 UNIT 2...

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