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Lecture 8 Outline - 1 BIOL 200(Section 921 Lecture 8(Unit 6...

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1 BIOL 200 (Section 921) Lecture # 8 (Unit 6) June 24, 2009 UNIT 6: MITOCHONDRIA AND CHLOROPLASTS Reading : ECB 2 nd ed. Chap 14 , pp. 453-492 and related questions, especially 14-3; 14-11B,C,E, H;14-13; 14-16. ECB 1 st ed. Chap 13 , pp. 407-442 and related questions, especially 13-3; 13-11B,C,E, H;13-13; 13-17. I. MITOCHONDRIA AND THE CHEMIOSMOTIC ATP FORMATION Learning Objectives - Application of chemiosmotic theory to understand the structure-function relationships of the mitochondrial energy transduction system. - Understand the role of electron transport complexes in the establishment of mitochondrial proton gradient Main Points Mitochondria consist of two compartments, the intermembrane space and the matrix. The enzymes of the matrix carry out the TCA cycle. This series of metabolic transformations results in reduction of NAD + (electrons being added to NAD + ). NADH is an electron carrier that donates electrons to the electron transport chain. The electron transport chain is a series of three molecular complexes in the inner mitochondrial membrane. As electrons are passed through each of these complex protons are pumped from the matrix to the intermembrane space. Electrons are finally added to oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor. Energy stored in the proton gradient across the inner mitochondrial membrane is used to
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Lecture 8 Outline - 1 BIOL 200(Section 921 Lecture 8(Unit 6...

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