Citizen Kane - Citizen Kane US (1941): Drama Not rated,...

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US (1941): Drama Not rated, Black & White, 119 minutes Certainly one of the ten best films of all time, Citizen Kane has influenced countless important filmmakers and established the taste of discerning audiences. It is the epitome of filmmaking, and producer-director-co- writer Orson Welles will be forever remembered as one of the greatest practitioners of cinematic art. Click here to view the introductory slideshow Read the "true facts" of Citizen Kane Scenes for study (require Realplayer, avaliable as free download from ): The "Breakfast Table Montage" | analysis Synopsis Rosebud . Citizen Kane opens in ominous murkiness with the camera focused on high wrought- iron fencing filigreed with the initial "K". Beyond spreads Xanadu, the vast estate of one of the world's wealthiest men. The camera surveys the grounds—empty gondolas swaying on a private lake, exotic animals penned in a private zoo, manicured lawns and shrubbery—all shrouded in fog. Towering above the mist is the top of a man-made mountain on which sits a castle, a single light shining from it. Within is a dying man who clutches a crystal ball enclosing a winter scene and make-believe snow. He utters one word, "Rosebud," and dies, dropping the ball, which then breaks into tiny shards. Who was he? The picture cuts to "March of Time" newsreel footage recounting the long and colorful career of Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles), newspaper magnate, presidential hopeful, wielder of power and influence. The newsreel stops and, in the darkened screening room, Rawlston (Philip Van Zandt), an editor, badgers a group of reporters to find the real Kane: "It's not enough to tell us what a man did. You've got to tell us who he was. ..What were the last words he said on earth? Maybe he told us all about himself on his deathbed. ..When Charles Foster Kane died he said but just one word, 'Rosebud. ..' Now what does that mean?" Five accounts of one life . Reporter Jerry Thompson (William Alland) traces five accounts of the millionaire's life. Walter Parks Thatcher (George Coulouris), a J.P. Morgan-like character, is long since dead, but Thompson visits his library and is allowed to inspect the financier's memoirs in manuscript. Through Thatcher's words we see Kane as a boy (Buddy Swan), playing with his sled on a snow-swept Colorado farm. Through his mother, the boy has just inherited a great fortune. Unable to settle his bill, a prospector who boarded with the Kanes left behind stock certificates that make Mrs. Kane (Agnes Moorehead) the sole owner of one of the world's great silver mines. She then makes her son the ward of the bank that administers her estate, and Thatcher, whom the angry young Kane bashes with a sled, takes the boy East to be raised. Through a series of quick cuts, Kane is shown growing up, making life miserable for Thatcher.
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Citizen Kane - Citizen Kane US (1941): Drama Not rated,...

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