BUAD346 Spring 05 Syllabus

BUAD346 Spring 05 Syllabus - BUAD 346 - Analysis of...

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BUAD 346 - Analysis of Operations Problems BUAD 346 Objectives: In the “real world,” typical business problems do not come neatly packaged and labeled. Successful managers must be able to recognize problems and apply practical models to identify solutions. BUAD346 will give you insight into how to: Identify operational problems Make decisions about which, if any, Management Science techniques can help in solving the problem Decide what information and data is required and how it will be obtained Decide on the nature of modeling and analysis to be conducted Convince upper management, peers and subordinates of the value of utilizing these techniques BUAD346 will build on the techniques and concepts introduced in Introduction to Operations Management (BUAD306). Throughout the semester we will further the develop skills needed to improve planning, analysis and decision making across a variety of operational business functions as well as other business situations (Marketing, Accounting, Finance, etc.). We will also explore the “non-scientific” aspects of decision-making typically found in today’s business world and discuss how to balance “science” and “emotion” to yield superior results. Text: An Introduction to Management Science – Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making, Anderson, Sweeney, Williams (Custom Text), 11 th Edition, Thompson Southwestern Publishing, ISBN #: 0-324-39077-7 Schedule 11:15 – 12:05 in 330 Purnell Hall Although attendance is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged that you attend class regularly to ensure that you understand the required topics and techniques. If a day is designated as “Mandatory Attendance,” you MUST attend—no exceptions. Office Hours Regular office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 – 11:00. It is highly encouraged that you make an appointment with me to ensure that I have time to meet with you about your concerns. This will ensure that I can accommodate all students without any conflicts in scheduling. You can schedule an appointment with me by writing your name on Instructor: Susan Murphy Email: murphys@lerner.udel.edu Office: 012 Purnell Hall
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the Office Hours schedule I bring to class or by sending me an email (at least 24 hours in advance). When scheduling and appointment, please be sure to state the topic you’d like to discuss or the class/HW questions you’d like to review. Students who show up during office hours will be bumped for those that have scheduled an appointment—therefore I highly encourage you to set up a time in advance. NOTE: I do not offer office hours on Tuesdays or Thursdays due to the fact that I am not on campus on these days. Class Website
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BUAD346 Spring 05 Syllabus - BUAD 346 - Analysis of...

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