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Exam #2 Practice Problems Waveguide problems: 1. Mystery Waveguide: You are told that a rectangular, metallic, air-filled waveguide has cut-off frequencies of 3 GHz, 6 GHz, and 7.5 GHz for its lowest modes. Answer the following questions based on this scenario. Calculate the dimensions of this waveguide. Label the dimensions in meters below. In your diagram sketch the E-field distribution for this dominant mode. 2. An air-filled X-band (8.2-12.4 GHz) waveguide with dimensions of 2.286 cm and 1.016 cm is operated at 10 GHz. For the dominant mode determine: (a) cutoff frequency (b) guided wavelength ( g ) (c) wave impedance (c) If one decides to use the waveguide as an antenna by radiating from an open end into air how much power will be reflected back towards the source? 3. The rectangular waveguide shown below is constructed of two horizontal perfectly magnetic conducting (PMC) walls at y=0 and y=b and two vertical perfectly electrical conducting walls (PEC) at x=0 and x=a.
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(a) Derive expressions for the electric and magnetic field components of the TE
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practice_problems_exam2 - Exam #2 Practice Problems...

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