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Quiz-Oralandnasal - Which of the following is FALSE...

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Quiz – Oral and Nasal Which one of the following statements is INCORRECT? a. The vestibule is the most anterior and dilated part of the nasal cavity b. The conchae are bony projections from the lateral wall of the nasal cavity c. Olfactory epithelium consists of 4 cell types d. Olfactory cells are bipolar neurons e. The superior conchae are lined by olfactory epithelium
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Unformatted text preview: Which of the following is FALSE concerning enamel? a. It is continually replaced b. Is cell free c. made by amelioblasts d. composed of >90% calcium salts e. of ectodermal origin a. Ameloblasts b. Cementocytes c. Odontoblasts d. Sharpey’s fibers e. Tomes fibers...
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