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Quiz-thyroid_parathyroid_adrenal - b Parathyroid and...

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Quiz – Thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal Iodination of thyroglobulin occurs at which one of the following sites? a. In the parafollicular cells b. In the microvasculature c. In the colloid d. In the interstitium e. In the follicular cells A patient undergoes a bone scan and multiple fractures are found and his bone density is 60% of that expected. Tests of the patient’s thyroid via function tests and circulating T3 and T4 levels show that organ to be normal. The probable cause of these symptoms is most likely a problem with which of the following:- a. Parathyroid and chief cells
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Unformatted text preview: b. Parathyroid and parafollicular cells c. Adrenal and medullary cells d. Adrenal and the zona glomerulosa e. Thyroid and follicular cells All of the following are discrete endocrine glands EXCEPT ? a. Adrenals b. Thyroid c. Pancreas d. Pituitary e. Pineal The gland shown in the following image is probably which of the following? a. Inactive b. Very active c. Parathyroid d. Adrenal e. Pineal The product from the area marked A will be which one of the following? a. Melatonin b. Oxytocin c. Epinephrine d. Cortisol e. Aldosterone...
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