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FINC 322 - Exam #6 Information

FINC 322 - Exam #6 Information - This makeup exam is...

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FINC 322 Financial Management 1 Fall 2011 Comprehensive Makeup Exam (CME) You should let me know via email by Friday ( December 9 th ) before the final exam week if you plan to take it. CME will cover the topics of exams 2 through 4 (exam 1 topics are dropped) . CME will replace the lowest one of the first 4 exams (exams 1 through 4), not exam 5. 3 things allowed during the test: one sheet of paper you prepare, formula sheet for ordinary annuity, and calculator tips. Below is directly from the syllabus: J. Comprehensive Makeup Exam (CME) I may give students a chance to take a CME that will replace the lowest exam score during the final exam week.
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Unformatted text preview: This makeup exam is comprehensive , which covers everything you have learned, although it will replace a specific exam score. The makeup score will replace the lowest score although it is lower than the lowest score once you choose to retake . You can’t cancel once you commit to take it. However, for students with good attendance (zero or one absence), no score replacement will happen when the CME score is lower than the lowest exam score ....
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