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FINC 322 - Sample Exam

FINC 322 - Sample Exam - FINC 322 Financial Management 1...

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FINC 322 Financial Management 1 Exam 1 Fall 2008 This is an old exam that is based on a different textbook. Please refer to this sample exam for the structure of the exam in this course only. Don t try to solve these problems. VERSION 1 Name Student No. Class-time Each quiz will be hand-graded, not machine graded. I therefore reserve the right to subtract points on papers that fail to follow these guidelines. 1. NEATNESS: Write solutions to ALL numerical problems in this quiz in the space provided beneath each question very neatly; I won’t try to guess what you mean. Do not use attachments; show your work in the space provided. If you need more space for any problem, use the back side of the page that contains that problem and state that you have more work on the back. 2. COMPLETENESS: You may not receive full credit even though you might arrive at the correct letter choice unless you show steps . You are NOT required to show steps for 3-point word problems that involve NO computations. For problems that involve computations, show sufficient steps! Showing calculator settings does not count as showing sufficient steps! 3. SUMMARIZE your multiple choices in the table below. TABLE OF ANSWERS: List the letter choice for each of your answers below. It is your responsibility to check your answers in the table are consistent with your answers on the following pages. 1 C 6 D 11 B 16 B 2 B 7 D 12 B 17 A 3 D 8 C 13 B 18 D 4 D 9 B 14 D 19 A 5 D 10 C 15 B 20 D
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1. Professors Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe received their Nobel prize in economics for their contributions to the
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FINC 322 - Sample Exam - FINC 322 Financial Management 1...

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