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crju311finalstudy - sequence of events authority...

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1 CRJU 311 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE TERMS: policing styles watchman style patrol legal style patrol service style patrol social justice rule of law crime-specific planning magnet phenomena centralized political authority Localized political authority crime-fighter style patrol supervisor discretion social context SARA model terrorism New London Police Model Pre-progressive police model patrol function non-supervisor discretion community oriented policing disorder-control theory paramilitarization crime control theory legalistic model voluntarism theory line function proactive policing model thief takers urban dispersion theory class control theory proactive model reactive model directed patrol split force patrol endogenous programs problem solving approach differential response patrol reactive personality proactive personality first responders centralized political influences
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Unformatted text preview: sequence of events authority charismatic legal-rational traditional authority Graft institutionalized corruption Hundredthman shire-reeve Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 1st American Police Reform Movement Systematic inquiry 2nd American Police Reform Movement police function strategic policing neighborhood policing reactive policing model police subculture management subculture police culture public trust departmentalization investigator’s working personality 4d Strategy Rouge States First Responders Homo-fighters Stockholm Syndrome Domestic Terrorism International Terrorism Civil disorders Political terrorism Nonpolitical terrorism Quasi terrorism Limited political terrorism Official or state terrorism Terrorist Typology H. H. A. Cooper Foreign Relations Authorization Act Eco-terrorism Eco-sabotage Xeno-fighters Homo-fighters...
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  • Spring '11
  • Mr.Abercrombie
  • International Terrorism, political terrorism, American Police Reform Movement, proactive policing model

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