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crju311studyguide3 - Test 3 CRJU 311 Study Guide Key Terms...

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Test 3 CRJU 311 Study Guide Key Terms and Concepts: Rouge States Terrorism Stockholm Syndrome Domestic Terrorism International Terrorism Civil disorders Political terrorism Nonpolitical terrorism Quasi terrorism Limited political terrorism Official Terrorism H. H. A. Cooper Foreign Relations Authorization Act Eco-terrorism Eco-sabotage Xeno-fighters Homo-fighters state terrorism Underlying conditions international environment human trafficking terrorist supporting environments noncombatants Transnational crime Weapons Trafficking Identity Theft Money Laundering Interpol Europol The United Nations The International Criminal Court police role police strategy National Strategy for Combating Terrorism (NSCT) Discussion Questions Bank 1. Explain what is meant by the term police role . Define specifically what the role of police in the United States of America is with respect to controlling terrorism. Make sure your response includes detailed examples illustrating each of your major points. A complete objective would
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