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Teamwork in Organizations

Teamwork in Organizations - Teamwork in Organizations...

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Teamwork in Organizations Tuesday, October 25, 2011 2:03 PM You should be able to: Discuss the characteristics, benefits, and costs of teams in organizations. Describe the techniques used to manage teams in organizations. The payoff from teamwork - the gains in quality are substantial. But also threatens their old ways of working. Ex. GM's new "teams" aren't hitting any homers. Union-management cooperation is making some gains - but very slowly. Team Two or more people who interact to and coordinate their work to accomplish a formal organizational goal. Characteristics of Teams Teams need leadership. o Based on: Who the organization designates Perceived competence (the most competent person for the task) Consistency Teams develop norms o Standards of conduct that are shared by members. Teams enforce norms o Through: Persuasion Jokes, ridicule, criticism Ostracism (exclusion) - a strong tool that teams have to get people to stick to the norms.
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