Jobs 2 - Jobs 2 Thursday 2:15 PM Acquired Needs Theory...

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Jobs 2 Thursday, November 17, 2011 2:15 PM Acquired Needs Theory David McClelland Certain needs are acquired on a person's experience Need for Achievement - desire to accomplish difficult tasks, strong goal orientation. o Entrepreneurs, innovators. Need for Affiliation - desire to form close personal relationships and avoid conflict o Project managers, coordinate various departments. Need for Power - desire to influence and control others and have authority over others. o Persons who attain top levels in an organization. McClennal collected thousands of childrens book from across the globe, He gathered need for achievements, When cointries started writing childrens about about high need for achievment, that country 30 to 35 years later, that ountry experiences a high economy growth. Persons High in Need for Achievment Prefer Tasks of Intermediate Difficulty Prefer Tasks of Intermediate Diffculty Prefer to Have Control Over Results Want Rapid Feedback Give the child a basktball, and tellls the "go over there and shooting the baskets"
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Jobs 2 - Jobs 2 Thursday 2:15 PM Acquired Needs Theory...

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