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Possible Interview Questions 1. When did you start playing baseball? What age? 2. Who got you started with baseball? 3. What was your first memorable experience involved with baseball? 4. What affected you in your career path in baseball that you decided to become a coach? 5. What is your reason in choosing to be a high school coach rather than college or professional? 6. How many years have you been coaching and where? 7. How did you pick up the baseball language? 8. How has being a high school coach and dealing with others on an everyday occasion helped or weakened connections with your family? 9. How has baseball being part of your life helped in making life long connections? 10. Who was your biggest influence in your baseball career? Such as previous coaches, family, family friends, friends, teachers, etc. 11. Have literature such as online articles, websites, videos, newspaper articles been an
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Unformatted text preview: influence on you as a baseball coach? 12. How do you use communication with other coaches or people of the baseball world to your benefit? 13. Can you relate things that you have learned from baseball to help you in your career path? 14. How far did you go in baseball? Did you play college baseball? Professional baseball? 15. If you could have done anything different in terms of your baseball career what would it be? 16. Describe how you feel about separating time from when being coach and when being dad. 17. Do you integrate what you have learned as a coach into your work in your everyday career? 18. If you could what are some things in relation to baseball that you would do all over again? 19. Do you use your experience as a player to dictate your practices? 20. What is your favorite part about coaching?...
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