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MLA_PaperFormat (2) - To enter text in the header(or the...

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Lastname 1 Firstname Lastname WRA 135-003 12 September 2011 Name of Assignment Optional Title (Not in Bold or Italics) This is the required format for all papers you turn in. It is MLA or Modern Language Association style. The font is Times New Roman and it is 12 pt. size. The margins are 1” on all sides and all text is double-spaced with no additional spaces between headings or paragraphs. Be sure the “before” and “after” spacing is set at 0. You need not present the date in the format it is shown; if you prefer, “September 12, 2011” is also acceptable. The top right corner header should be your last name and the page number in the header.
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Unformatted text preview: To enter text in the header (or the footer, if called for), go to View Header and Footer and they will both open for text input. This should not be manually entered between pages of text; if you have trouble setting this up, please ask. Please hand in all essays, in this format. And, always use spelling and grammar check! Never use any sort of presentation covers/binders/etc. unless specifically called for. Ask me if you have any questions about how to do any of this formatting. If you like, you could just download this document and use it as a template....
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