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I grew up in Portage, MI and belong to various communities; Portage Northern High School, the Baseball Team, and the DECA Team, but my closest community is my group of best friends the “Elite Eight.” Portage is not the most diverse community, although it boasts excellent high schools, sports and arts programs. Therefore, I am fortunate to have found such a unique group of friends. We stem from different backgrounds, from Catholic to Muslim to Hindu, and come from all over the world. Aside from different cultures, we also come from different schools. I embrace the families of my friends as if they were my own, and am often invited to celebrations to which I might not otherwise have any connection. It’s almost as if I have studied Arabic and Hindu from all that I have learned being part of their
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Unformatted text preview: households. Within the Elite Eight it’s easy to designate roles, I would be the brains, or the mastermind if you will. I lead, organize, and brainstorm most all of our events. I plan our group dinners twice a week and organize our trips to go Wilderness camping. On the weekends, I’ll get together pick-up baseball, homerun derby, or perhaps a game of football. The Elite Eight represents the diverse community I hope to find at the University of Michigan. We are not defined by our appearance, heritage or beliefs but rather by our connection to one another as best friends. I look forward to being part of a broader community where I can expand my friendships and life learning, only further enriching my educational experience....
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