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Briefly discuss an activity or organization that you have participated in, or are currently participating in,  outside of your own cultural group. While I live in a predominantly a white, Christian, middle-class community so typical of those found in Southwest Michigan, one of my best friends is Ranjeet Ghorpade who we effectively just call Jeet. Jeet is a first generation American of Hindu parents who were born and raised in India. The Ghorpade family moved into my neighborhood in my freshman year of high school and contributed a completely different aspect of life to my group of friends. They brought new meanings to simple things as food, holidays, culture, and music. At first it was difficult to adjust to these new ways, but overtime I even came to enjoy some of the things cooking at the Ghorpade house although I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the pungent aroma of curry. In the summer of 2009 as part of Jeet’s work toward becoming an Eagle Scout Jeet asked
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