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                   PLANNING LAB: HELICOPTER MOTION               MICHAEL WENSTRUP IB CRITERIA: TOPIC 2 MECHANICS     HOURS:  3       EVALUATING:  DESIGN, DCP, CE     DATE:  ____9/14/10__   ABSTRACT RESEARCH QUESTION As the length (independent variable) of the helicopter’s rotors increase, how is the amount of time (dependent) the  helicopter remains in the air affected? While keeping the drop height, room conditions, stop watch used, paper clip, and  airplane material (controlled variables) the same throughout the experiment. HYPOTHESIS If the length of the airplane’s rotors increases, then the time the airplane remains in the air increases. MATERIALS White printing paper Scissors 1 standard paper clip Ruler Measuring Tape Stopwatch  PROCEDURE Constructing paper helicopters o Measure and cut strips of paper 2 cm wide.
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Tossed_Ball_Energy_Lab-Shortened[1][1] -...

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