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Fashion COnnection powerpoint

Fashion COnnection powerpoint - The Fashion Connection The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Fashion Connection The Evan Shinar Evan Muhammad Saleh Michael Wenstrup I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SUMMARY B. One Page description of the plan the Improve Improve existing employee training program at Fashion Connection. Both written and mock-run through’s. Employees will be better prepared. Employees Research Methods Research Primary Primary and secondary sources. Secondary source internet based research. Kalamazoo County's economic, geographic, Kalamazoo demographic, socioeconomic factors. Primary sources from customers and Primary employees. Customers survey on opinions of employee efficiency and enjoyment at Fashion Connection. Employees S.W.O.T. Analysis. Employees Research Findings and Conclusions Conclusions Only Only live training. New employees limited on how to deal New with situations. Through survey and S.W.O.T. concluded Through that current program not enough. Customers say employee courtesy was Customers great but production too slow. Proposed Campaign Proposed Major Major problem not extensive. Added second part, written policy (in Added appendix) emphasizes on deficiencies customers stated in survey. More organized and structured policy. More Added Farouks run through of situations. Added II. INTRODUCTION II. A. Description of the business business Opened began business fall of 1976. Located downtown for 30 years until last Located year. Now located 4406 Stadium Drive, West Now Town Mall. Slowly got more business each year. Slowly Customers from major cities Chicago, Customers Detroit, Grand Rapids to all of Kalamazoo County. Clothing Logos Clothing B. Description of the Community the Economic Factors Economic 2009 Estimated Households by 2009 Household Household Income According to Southwest Income Michigan First Michigan Household Household Incomes Incomes Estimated Amount of Households of Percentage of Percentage Households Households Income Less than Income $15,000 $15,000 13,686 13.80% Income $15,000 Income $24,999 $24,999 12,671 12.78% Income $25,000 Income $34,999 $34,999 11,812 11.91% Income $35,000 Income $49,999 $49,999 16,639 16.78% Income $50,000 Income $74,999 $74,999 19,832 20.00% Income $75,000 Income $99,999 $99,999 10,797 10.89% Income $100,000 Income $149,999 $149,999 9,139 9.22% Income $150,000 Income $249,999 $249,999 3,378 3.41% Income $250,000 Income $499,999 $499,999 873 0.88% Income $500,000 or Income more more 315 0.32% 0.32% Estimated Average Estimated Household Income Household $58,874 N/A Kalamazoo County Top Kalamazoo Employers According to Kazoochamber.com (Updated last in April, 2007) 2007) Western Michigan University Employees:4606 Western :4606 (Fall & Winter) (Fall Type of Employment: Employment Education Education Borgess Medical Center Employees:4475 :4475 Type of Employment: Employment Healthcare Healthcare Pfizer Type of Employment: Employment Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, urethanes chemicals, Employees:4000 Employees:4000 Bronson Methodist Hospital Employees:3573 :3573 Type of Employment: Employment Healthcare Healthcare Stryker Medical Technology Employees:2500 :2500 Type of Employment: Employment Surgical & hospital equipment equipment Kalamazoo Public Schools Employees:2300 :2300 Type of Employment: Employment Education Education National City Bank Employees:1600 :1600 Type of Employment: Employment Banking & financial services services Meijer, Inc. Employees:1594 Type of Employment: Retail, Employment Retail, goods and household products products Portage Public Schools Employees:1100 :1100 Type of Employment: Employment Education Education Summit Polymers Summit Inc. Inc. Employees:1097 Type of Employment: Employment Injection molded thermo-plastics thermo-plastics County of Kalamazoo Employees:1065 :1065 Type of Employment: Employment Government services Government Geographic Factors Number of Residents Residents Percentage of Percentage Total Population Population Comstock Comstock Township Township 13,851 6% City of Kalamazoo Kalamazoo 77,145 32% Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Township Township 21,675 9% 17,003 17,003 7% City of Portage 44,897 19% Texas Texas Township Township of Population in Kalamazoo County According to the 2000 Census 2000 City/Township Oshtemo Oshtemo Township Township Distribution Distribution 10,919 5% Kalamazoo Kalamazoo County Total County 238,603 100% Kalamazoo County Demographics Factors: Demographics Demographics Factors Continued: 2009 Estimated Population Age 25+ by Educational Attainment Of Kalamazoo County 2009 Estimated Population Age 25+ by Educational Attainment Of Kalamazoo County Demographics Factors Continued: Demographics Factors Continued: 2009 Estimated 2009 Population by Sex According to Southwest Michigan First Michigan Amount Percentage (%) Percentage Male 120,103 48.73 Female 126,376 51.27 Male/Female Ratio 0.95 C. Description of the Objectives for the Current Employee Training Program Current No No true structured employee training program. Farouk created a program based on live Farouk experience with customers, Farouk explains through walkthroughs the three main objectives his customers need to know. Customer focused, dependable, dedicated to the Customer success of the business. Loyal customers are the essence of a successful Loyal business. Customers must be put first. Customers Employees must be on time, Employees III. RESEARCH METHODS USED IN THE STUDY IN A. Rationale and Description of Research Methodologies Selected to Conduct the Research Study Conduct Surveying customers Surveying S.W.O.T Analysis S.W.O.T Don’t survey employees Don’t B. Process of Conducting the Selected Research Method (s) Research Steps in conducting the survey: 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. 4. Coming up with the questions Coming You could answer with poor, fair or good You Asked for any suggestions on improvements Asked Survey placed on front counter for a month Survey Survey Survey 1.How knowledgeable do you believe the employees at Fashion Connection are in regards to the products they are Fashion selling? 2. How courteous was the person who served you? 2. 3. How was your overall experience at Fashion 3. Connection? IV. FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS OF THE STUDY OF A. Description of the Existing Employee-Training Program Employee-Training Run Run through’s with Farouk and customers. Employee must become self-confident. Employee Stocking merchandise. Stocking B. Description of the Structure of the Current Employees (management and employees) Employees Owner: Farouk Saleh Employees: Brother, two retail assistants, Employees: tailor. tailor. No ordered assignments. No Based upon experience. We believe there needs to be set in stone We rules. rules. C. Effectiveness of the Current Employee-Training Program Employee-Training Effective Effective at teaching employees to make a sale. Does not include value selling, dealing Does with more than one customer at a time on a busy day, greeting every customer as they come in, and cleaning. Add written manual. Add D. Conclusions Based on the Findings Findings Results Results Gathered from Twenty Customer Surveys Based on Twenty Customers Customers ITEM Good Fair Fair Poor Poor Knowledge Knowledge of Employees Employees 60.00% 20% 20% How How Courteous Employees were 80.00% 80.00% 15% 5% Overall Overall Experience Experience 60.00% 25% 15% Suggestions Employees could be more knowledgeable Employees and Customers could be helped faster on busy days busy D. Conclusions Based on the Findings Continued Findings Results Gathered from S.W.O.T. Results Analysis Analysis Strengths Franchise Franchise Agreement Customer Weaknesses Small Staff Limited Opportunities Budget New New Threats Loyalty location with better opportunities for an increased sales an Down Down Economy with high unemployment high Development Development of low cost clothing stores in hard economic times hard V. PROPOSED STRATEGIC PLAN STRATEGIC A. Goals/Objectives and Rationale (short- and longA. term benefits to the business of enhancing the term employee-training program) employee-training Benefit Benefit short and long term. Maintain customers creating bonds. Maintain Keeping sales at previous rates. Keeping Long term customers talk about Fashion Long Connection. B. Proposed Activities and Timelines Timelines Two part process First: New written policy. First: Second: Mock role-plays with Farouk. Second: Basic sale, handling more than one customer at Basic a time, basic organizing skills. Run through with actual customers. Run Timeline of Training Program Process Process October 22Started basic research upon The Fashion Connection. November 3With the information collected we started analyzing the employee training program. November 5Survey is made and placed at the front counter of the business for customers to fill out. One month period to fill it out. December 6Results are collected and we start working on the new employee training program. December 14Ideas are presented to The Fashion Connection. C. Proposed Budget C. Estimated Estimated at $1.25 per copy of training policy at Fashion Connection New employees should be paid minimum New wage which is $7.40 per hour while going through training process through After completion of training program After employees will then be paid $10.00 per hour, which is Farouk’s starting wage hour, VI. APPENDIX VI. Images of Fashion Connection Front of Store View of Store from the front door Images of Fashion Connection Continued Continued View of Plaza from road Right Side of Store ...
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