Life as a Teen in 1600s Colonial America

Life as a Teen in 1600s Colonial America - During the...

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FCA’s: Michael Wenstrup Correct Paragraph Structure_/ September 20, 2009 Double-Space_/ 6 th Hour 3 Historical Facts_/ Life as a Teen in 1600s Colonial America Teenagers today live a life filled with numerous leisure and conveniences compared to the teens during the 1600’s. Teens during the 1600’s had experienced differences in among education, recreation and technological advances. The education teens’ received was much more concentrated on one individual setting. Because very few teens were able to attend secondary schools many teens would be put into apprenticeships, often which provide the skills that were needed to make a future living. In Colonial America some colleges did exist including Harvard, College of William and Mary, and St. John’s College, but very people were actually able to attend. In addition, recreation was also very different from how it is today.
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Unformatted text preview: During the 1600’s due to the duties in placed for girls and boys, there was no time for personal leisure. Boys would spend their time helping their father with his profession, while girls would spend their time helping out around the house. Also night activities were limited because the light bulb was not invented until 1879. Nevertheless, teens also lived a life with very few technological advances compared to today. Teens wouldn’t have been able to listen to their iPods, go to the mall, have cell phones, or go on the computer making life seemingly empty. The first mobile phone to be accepted by the FCC occurred in 1983, which is even much different than the phones with multiple capabilities that exist today. Teens today and those in the 160 for sure live two completely different lives....
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