BLCh3 - 3 ution JUDICIAL,ALTERNATIVE,AND 40 In a civil case...

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ution 40) In a civil case, the party whom the complaint is filed against is the: A) defendant B) district attorney C) state D) public defender E) A, B, and C 41) Once a complaint has been filed with the court, the court issues a: A) judgment B) motion for summary judgment C) summons D) both A and D 42) The defendant's written response to the plaintiff's complaint that is filed with the court and served on the plaintiff is known as the: A) a licensee B) appeal C) answer D) judgment E) prayer for relief 43) A default judgment establishes the defendant's: A) an invitee B) answer C) defenses D) liability E) all of these are correct 44) A cross-complaint is usually brought by the defendant for the purpose of: A) an answer so that a default judgment will not be entered against the defendant B) a trespasser C) seeking damages or some remedy against the plaintiff D) a guest 45) If the documents a party seeks are too voluminous to be moved, or are in permanent storage, the requesting party may be required to: A) examine the documents at the other party's premises B) request the documents by certified mail C) submit to a mental examination D) sign the request under oath 42 JUDICIAL, ALTERNATIVE, AND  ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION 3
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46) Which of the following motions would allege that if all of the facts presented in the pleadings are taken as true, the party making the motion would win the lawsuit when the proper law is applied to these asserted facts? A) motion to suppress the evidence
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BLCh3 - 3 ution JUDICIAL,ALTERNATIVE,AND 40 In a civil case...

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