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August 29, 2007 PHY2053 Warm Up Quiz (Not graded) Name:                                   UFID: 1.  You are allowed to use a formula sheet with its sides 11in. and 8.5 in. What’s the  area of the sheet in square centimeters (cm²)? 11in × 8.5in=93.5 in² 93.5 in² × (2.54cm/1in)²=603.2 cm² 2. Two buildings are located 100m apart. An observer is on the top of the shorter  building. The observer notices that the top of the taller building is in the direction 30º  above the horizontal and the bottom of the building is in the direction 45° below the  horizontal. What is the height of the taller building?
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Unformatted text preview: The height of the shorter building=100tan45º=100m The difference of the heights between the two buildings=100tan30º=57.7m The height of the taller building=100+57.7=157.7m 3. Solve 3x²-2x-8=0 in two ways: 1) Factoring the equation 2) Using the formula 1) 3x²-2x-8=1 ×3x ²+(1 × 4-3 × 2)+2 × 4=(x-2)(3x+4)=0 x=2, -4/3 2) x=(2±√(2²+4 ×3×8))/2×3=(2 ± 10)/6 x=2, -4/3 4. Newton’s law of universal gravitation is given by F=GMm/r². What’s the dimension of G? [G]= [F][r²]/([M][m]), where F is force, M and m are masses and r is distance. Thus [G]=(MLTˉ²)(L²)/M²=L³/(MT²)...
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