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qz2f08sol - PHY2054 Discussion-Fall 08 Quiz 2(Chapter...

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September 12, 2008 PHY2054 Discussion-Fall ‘08 Quiz 2 (Chapter 15.7-16.3) Name: UFID: *1. (5pts) The dome of a Van de Graaff generator receives a charge of 3.00 × 10 -4 C. Find the strength of the electric field at the outer surface of the dome, assuming the dome is a conducting spherical shell with a radius of 1.50 m. We apply Gauss’s law to a spherical Gaussian surface of radius 1.5 m. Since the entire charge is inside the Gaussian surface, we have E(4πr²) = Q/ε 0 E = Q/(4πε 0 r²) = kQ/r² = 8.99×10 9 ×3×10 -4 /1.5² = 1.20×10 6 N/C *2. (5pts) An electric field with an intensity of 5.00 kN/C is applied along the x-axis. What is the electric flux through a rectangular plane 0.400 m wide and 0.600 long if the plane contains y-axis and its normal makes an angle of 60.0 ˚ with the x-axis. Using the definition of electric flux, we have Φ = EAcosθ = 5×10 3 ×(0.4×0.6)×cos60˚ = 6.00×10 2 N m²/C
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***3. (5pts) A 2.00-kg block is attached to the lower end of a spring lying along a 30.0 ˚ incline. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the incline and the block is 0.25. The spring has a force
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